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Tuesday, February 1

Quidco - Save Money Online, Get Discount Codes & Earn Cashback!

QUIDCO! is a website that allows you to browse a HUGE range of high-street retailers including iTunes, Tesco, HMV New Look, All Saints and many, many more! The main point of QUIDCO is to save you money and give you cashback on everything you buy! We have been a member for just over a week and have already saved lots of ££££!

Deals range from clothing retailers to mobile phone contracts with lots of others to choose from including car insurance. For example - We used the quidco website to go to an online clothing retailer. They were offering 15% cashback at the time and FREE delivery. We spent a total of £30, recieved FREE delivery and gained £4.50 into our QUIDCO account!

Payment is normally made within 1 month and can then be automatically transferred into a bank account of your choice or via PayPal. This depends on the individual retailer and may be longer, but it may be less! When completing a transaction, you will recieve an email containing details of your purchases and the expected cashback you should recieve.

If you use the internet to browse, shop, etc, we strongly suggest that you head on over to quidco and sign up, just use the banner below to get started! We hope that you find it as useful as we have done! Now get saving money and making money back online!

i love Quidco GreenWhite


Geoff said...

Thanks for the tip, didn't know that this site existed, my car insurance is coming up as well!

Cheers guys!

Automobile Loan Application said...

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Anonymous said...

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