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Friday, February 4

Apple Mac Rumours & Latest Stories

Everyone in the office has a passion for Apple. In our opinions, they create products that are most of the time, miles ahead of competitors by usually a couple of years in both technology and certainly design! Every day, we check one of the most popular web blogs of today, MacRumours.com without fail! It is our favourite news source for everything mac related.

We found that the recent coverage of the Mac App Store, iPhone 4, etc to be invaluable to us geeks in the office! The forums have always been a fantastic source of information for any ideas, problems or updates that we have needed. What really works, in our opinion is the mac community. It is filled with not only consumers but professionals at the top of their game, who are prepared to post valuable information and guidance.

The site itself, is very easy to navigate and is usually filled with nice images as well as the informative text we come to know so well through our daily read! The site does contain ads which don't bother us and we understand that they are one of the best ways to support such a large web blog which attracts a huge amount of people monthly (even more on product launches, etc!). Readers can pay $25 for an ad-free front page, which is a nice feature for everyday readers.

Own a iPhone? Not a problem as Mac Rumours has a mobile version of the site which has recently been updated. It is perfect for viewing on the iPhone and doesn't compromise on quality.

Mac Rumours includes a Buyers Guide that contains the catalogue of Apple products and allows you to browse cycle information which is useful if thinking about updating a product of yours. We almost made the mistake once, but saw the "DONT BUY, UPDATE COMING!" sign!

So, for any Mac enthuisiasts, we are sure that you have visited Mac Rumours before (if not an avid reader, such as ourselves!), but if you haven't and you are interested in Apple, please head on over to MacRumours.com and get started reading the tons of useful articles on there!


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