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Monday, March 14

Tiny Wings iPhone App

Tiny Wings is a new and exciting game to the App Store. You are a small bird with a tiny set of wings sleeping in your nest at the start with an ambition to start flying.

But like any bird, you wish to fly! Tiny Wings allows you to awake your bird and take him on an adventure over a fantastic selection of islands (graphics are superb!), teaching him how to fly and judge hills, etc.

The game physics are very nice and it only takes a few tries before the gameplay becomes very smooth and natural to you. This is due to the helpful instructions at the start of the game.
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Monday, February 21

Link Directory UK

If you own a website, a great way to gain backlinks to your website is using reputable link directories. We recently found a really nice, clean, professionally looking link directory. We added our link into the directory and have already received some nice, relavant traffic from it. Visit Link Directory UK now to grab your listing!
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Friday, February 4

Apple Mac Rumours & Latest Stories

Everyone in the office has a passion for Apple. In our opinions, they create products that are most of the time, miles ahead of competitors by usually a couple of years in both technology and certainly design! Every day, we check one of the most popular web blogs of today, MacRumours.com without fail! It is our favourite news source for everything mac related.

We found that the recent coverage of the Mac App Store, iPhone 4, etc to be invaluable to us geeks in the office! The forums have always been a fantastic source of information for any ideas, problems or updates that we have needed. What really works, in our opinion is the mac community. It is filled with not only consumers but professionals at the top of their game, who are prepared to post valuable information and guidance.

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Tuesday, February 1

Quidco - Save Money Online, Get Discount Codes & Earn Cashback!

QUIDCO! is a website that allows you to browse a HUGE range of high-street retailers including iTunes, Tesco, HMV New Look, All Saints and many, many more! The main point of QUIDCO is to save you money and give you cashback on everything you buy! We have been a member for just over a week and have already saved lots of ££££!

Deals range from clothing retailers to mobile phone contracts with lots of others to choose from including car insurance. For example - We used the quidco website to go to an online clothing retailer. They were offering 15% cashback at the time and FREE delivery. We spent a total of £30, recieved FREE delivery and gained £4.50 into our QUIDCO account!

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Sunday, January 30

Your Favourite iPhone/iPad App?

It's been a long time since our last post, so we want to get back on track! To kick it off, we want to know what your favourite iPhone/iPad app is that you own? We had a debate for at least 2 days in the office, with new suggestions cropping up every 10 minutes!

The review monsters team (remember that we are gaming freaks!) has decided that our favourite iPhone/iPad app is: ANGRY BIRDS!. We couldn't see past the amount of time that we have all spent trying to gain new worlds, extra levels, etc! It just had to be!

We look forward to hearing all of your favourite iPhone/iPad apps! Get onto iTunes and hit that App Store now!

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Friday, December 24

Free Classified Ads - UK24.org

As its the festive season, we started to search for ways to make room for our new pieces of tech, etc that will enter our lives in the next few days/weeks! The usuals came to mind such as eBay, etc, but we also found a very nice website called UK24.org.

We liked this website as it allows for free ads to be posted, they are authorised by humans (always a nice bonus!) and you don't have to register for an account!

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